3-point stance: RichRod vs. Ducks

1.Most offenses average a dozen or so possessions per game. That won’t be the case when Oregon plays Arizona. Ducks coach Chip Kelly relishes the fact that his hurry-up offense average time of possession is about 24 minutes per game. And now the Wildcats will play just as quickly with Rich Rodriguez as head coach. At his introductory news conference Tuesday, Rodriguez said, “A huddle is the biggest waste of time in football … When we’re on the field, we’re going to play ball.”

2.The results of my mock BCS draft Tuesday, in which I tried to figure out who the at-large BCS bowl teams will be. If two SEC teams play for the crystal football, the at-large pool will shrink from four teams to three. If No. 8 Houston wins out, the pool will shrink as well. Can a pool consist of two teams? My favorites: if No. 6 Stanford beats No. 22 Notre Dame, it’s a shoo-in. That will leave No. 7 Boise State at 11-1; or No. 15 Michigan, if it beats Ohio State and rises into the top 14, or No. 4 Oklahoma State, if it loses to No. 9 Oklahoma, thus failing to win the Big 12.

3.Georgia center Ben Jones is considered one of the best centers in the nation. But when coach Mark Richt talked about him Tuesday, he didn’t focus on Jones’ ability as much as his durability. “He showed up and started at center as a freshman in the Southeastern Conference,” Richt said. “That’s not easy to do. I don’t know if he’s missed a snap unless we took him out … There might have been a time he missed a practice, but I sure don’t remember it. He’s just a tough guy who loves football. He’s a great student of the game.”