3-point stance: Coaches tout their stars

1. Since neither Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck nor Alabama tailback Trent Richardson is playing this week, their head coaches turned into Heisman flacks. Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban called Richardson on Monday “as good of a player as I have had the opportunity to coach in terms of the whole package. I think ‘bruising back’ would be an insult to all that he is.” Your serve, David Shaw:

2. The Cardinal head coach said Tuesday that Luck “is the most scrutinized player in college football this year, and here’s a guy who still comes through. He throws for 3,000 yards, throws a bunch of touchdowns and leads us to an 11-1 record.” Shaw rattled off an example of three plays that Luck calls in the huddle before going to the line, surveying the defense, where he selects one of the three or audibles to a fourth. “He’s done more this year than I have ever seen a college quarterback do,” Shaw said. Stay tuned.

3. The five coaches nominated as finalists for the Broyles Award, given annually to the top FBS assistant, all are very good coaches: offensive coordinators Paul Chryst of Wisconsin and Garrick McGee of Arkansas, defensive coordinators John Chavis of LSU and Greg Mattison of Michigan and Alabama linebackers coach Sal Sunseri. That said, not only should Chavis be a shoo-in but it would be a great opportunity to explain why one of the best coordinators in the game since 1995 hasn’t won this award already.