LSU has completely taken over

ATLANTA -- Georgia might have been leading at the half, but it didn't look like the Bulldogs showed up in the second half.

That was because LSU absolutely dominated all aspects of the third quarter.

Two turnovers and a scintillating punt return by Tyrann Mathieu set up the Tigers' three touchdowns in the third quarter -- the most scored in a single quarter by a team in the SEC title game.

LSU went from down 10 to scoring 28 consecutive points on the Bulldogs in the past two quarters.

If the game wasn't totally in LSU's hands when Tharold Simon made a tremendous play on the ball to intercept Aaron Murray's pass, it certainly was when running back Kenny Hilliard caught a pass from Jordan Jefferson and trucked Georgia's Brandon Boykin before walking into the end zone for the 8-yard score to put the Tigers up 18.

That play drew little celebration from LSU's side, almost like the players and coaches knew they had sucked all of the life out of Georgia.

Barring a total collapse, it looks like LSU will head to the national title game undefeated.