Rough night gets worse for Landry Jones

STILLWATER, Okla. -- I suppose if you ask a quarterback to throw it enough times, bad things will happen eventually?

Landry Jones is on pace for a career high in attempts, but he's already been chiefly responsible for two Oklahoma State touchdowns.

On the latest, he looked like he was whipping the ball out to a receiver on a bubble screen, but the ball slipped out of his hands and went backward.

Richetti Jones scooped it up and returned it 5 yards for the score to make it 34-3 Cowboys early in the third quarter.

Jones already fumbled once on a sack that OSU returned 59 yards to the 1-yard line.

That was an outstanding team play from OSU, who got to Jones on a big blitz and linebacker Alex Elkins forced the fumble.

This one, though? It might have effectively ended the game. The only thing Oklahoma's done less than move the ball is keep Oklahoma State from moving it.

Ugly, ugly night for the Sooners.