Mack Brown's not going anywhere

Texas got out in front of persistent rumors that coach Mack Brown was either retiring or being forced out at Texas in the near future.

"Anything you are hearing, absolutely nothing about it is true," Texas AD DeLoss Dodds told The Associated Press by telephone on Sunday from New York, where he and Brown plan to attend Tuesday's college football Hall of Fame banquet.

A report surfaced last week that Brown planned to retire after the Baylor game on Saturday, which Texas lost to fall to 7-5. Brown shot down those rumors in his postgame media session.

"There'll probably be a lot more after tonight," Brown said of the rumors. "When I do retire, it won't come from a twit, a Twitter, in Topeka, Kan. I want to coach for a long time."

He was right. On Sunday, another report surfaced that he'd be forced out, one Dodds actively quelled.

"I can't even imagine why someone would start something like this," Dodds said. "It's just something we want to put to bed. It's certainly not the truth. And people ought to be more careful about what they are reporting."