3-point stance: Who will head Penn State?

1.As speculation continues regarding who will be the next head coach at Penn State, this much seems to be true: if he’s not a member of the Nittany Lion family, then the tight-knit former players who showed up en masse for the last home game in the wake of the firing of Joe Paterno will revolt. That could be Miami coach Al Golden and, yes, it could be the interim coach, defensive coordinator Tom Bradley. Interim athletic director Dave Joyner, who is heading the search committee, knows Scrap well. His son played for him.

2.Former U.S. Secretary of Defense and CIA director Robert Gates received the Gold Medal, the highest honor given by the National Football Foundation, on Thursday night. Before that, Gates served as president of Texas A&M. “I fired a lot of people when I was at the Pentagon,” Gates said. “But I don’t think I ever did anything as controversial as firing a football coach in Texas. I later told the media I had overthrown the governments of medium-sized countries with less controversy.”

3.Yale quarterback Patrick Witt, a finalist for the Campbell Trophy, the NFF’s “Academic Heisman,” turned down the chance to interview for a Rhodes Scholarship last month, in order to play his final college game against Harvard. “The quarterback position is unique. It wouldn’t be right to leave your guys as the leader of your team on that final game.” Witt will give the NFL a try. The Rhodes Committee told him, given his circumstance, they would consider waiving their age limit of 24, should he choose to apply again.