3-point stance: Confident in vote for Luck

1. If Robert Griffin III wins the Heisman Trophy on Saturday, it will be because his candidacy is the equivalent of an elevator pitch. It’s the easiest to understand. He had a lot of “Wow!” moments, his statistics are incredible and Baylor wouldn’t be 9-3 without him. I understand why he will win. But I still like my vote for Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck. Between the Cardinal’s 11-1 record and the reverence with which coaches and scouts speak of his work, I think Luck is the best player in college football.

2. Washington athletic director Scott Woodward, who appeared at the IMG Intercollegiate Athletic Forum this week, said he spends two hours in the football office every morning “because it is the engine that drives everything we do.” Later, he elaborated. The Husky crew program is one of the best in the nation and a sport in which the school and its fans take great pride. When crew supporters ask him how they can help, Woodward said, “I tell them to buy football tickets.”

3. One of the newest members of the College Football Hall of Fame, former Georgia defensive back Jake Scott, runs a charter fishing service on Kauai, the westernmost of the five Hawaiian islands. It is also the site of a significant portion of "The Descendants," the current film starring George Clooney. I asked Scott if he had run across the film during the shoot. “You remember the scene where Beau Bridges is sitting on a stool on the back side of the bar?” Scott asked. “That’s my seat. All my friends were extras in that scene.”