RG3 reaches a new high on draft boards

Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III says he's still undecided on what he'll do after the season.

The Bears junior and Heisman winner's decision seems to be getting more and more difficult as the NFL hype builds.

He moved up four spots on Mel Kiper's Big Board to No. 7Insider, just one spot behind USC's Matt Barkley.

"Not buying any talk he'd be higher on some boards than Luck, but his altered delivery has resulted in better accuracy on downfield throws," Kiper writes. "Great kid, underrated passer, big-time athlete. No ill effects from 2009 knee injury. Remarkable numbers."

But so much for being stuck behind Barkley.

Todd McShay debuted his first mock draftInsider in anticipation of the real thing next April, and he has Griffin going seventh to the Washington Redskins, a spot ahead of Barkley.

"Finding a quarterback is a must for the Redskins, and this will be an interesting call if Griffin and USC's Matt Barkley are still on the board," McShay writes. "Barkley would make sense, but it might be hard for Washington coach Mike Shanahan to pass on a dynamic athlete like Griffin."

There will be plenty of talk come the combine on RG3 vs. Luck and Barkley (if Barkley and RG3 both declare, which isn't quite a given), but it's a debate no one thought would be happening even just a month or so ago.

Goes to show how quickly things can change.

"While I've heard some scouts and evaluators discusss Griffin in the same class as Andrew Luck, I'm not willing to go that far," Kiper wrote. "I still think Luck is, by far in fact, the likeliest play for any team drafting No. 1 overall this spring."

Here's what McShay had to say about a few other Big 12 talents in his mock first round.

No. 9 Carolina Panthers: Justin Blackmon, WR, Oklahoma State: I'm not a fan of taking wideouts in the top 10 unless they are in the elite category -- think Calvin Johnson and A.J. Green -- and Blackmon is not in that class. However, the Panthers will be searching for weapons to put around QB Cam Newton, and Blackmon is clearly the top receiver on the board. He has outstanding body control to make all kinds of catches, and it will be interesting to see whether the Panthers pull the trigger.

No. 16 Seattle Seahawks: Landry Jones, QB, Oklahoma: The Seahawks have a clear need at quarterback, and while Jones' stock has dropped a bit and he may return to school, he still has first-round tools. He did not play well down the stretch, but his supporting cast is partly to blame, and if he can regain his confidence Jones' natural ability is impressive.

No. 30 San Francisco 49ers: Kendall Wright, WR, Baylor: The 49ers need to continue adding weapons on offense, and Wright is an explosive athlete who can stretch the field vertically, create after the catch and also contribute in the return game.

No. 32 Green Bay Packers: Ronnell Lewis, LB, Oklahoma: Clay Matthews is the team's only legitimate edge-rushing threat, and he needs some help. Lewis might be better off returning for his senior season to continue his development, but if he enters the draft he flashes the kind of explosiveness that could help take some pressure off Matthews.