RG3 taking new measures in stardom

Robert Griffin III won the Heisman earlier this month and is already dealing with some new responsibilities.

Now, he's dealing with his newfound fame.

A Baylor staffer is following RG3 around at the Alamo Bowl this week in San Antonio to minimize public demand for photos and autographs.

Griffin said he understands that "people are going to want a piece of you when you're doing great things." He added it was a good problem to have and downplayed the new part of his celebrity.

Sounds a bit annoying, but it's a job somebody has to do. It's always going to be tough for Griffin to have to play the "bad guy" and leave fans hanging, but he can't walk around the Riverwalk or Waco all day and spend his entire bowl experience taking photos and signing autographs.

These bowl games are showcases for players, but they're also a chance for players to have a lot of fun in a new environment with their teammates and families. RG3 just needs a little help to make sure his experience is a positive one.

Like he said, it's a good problem to have.