Overheard at the Sugar Bowl

Here are a few of the more interesting quotes from this morning's media availability with the players:

"One time, during the summer, we were doing 7-on-7 drills, he brought a really fast dog with him to practice. He was literally just chasing the dog around the field while keeping up with it. Everybody was like, I don't know how he does it." -- Virginia Tech tight end Chris Drager on running back David Wilson.

"It started in high school, I was a senior in high school getting ready for church before the season started and looked in the mirror, noticed how spiffy I looked. Right then, I knew what I would be wearing to school the next week." -- Wilson on wearing a shirt and tie to class every day.

"Their quarterback is bigger than some of our defensive linemen. This guy, he's an athlete." -- Michigan defensive coordinator Greg Mattison on Logan Thomas.

"He's the biggest quarterback we've faced. He's going to be tough to bring down. We have to get bodies on him. He's going to have to pay taxes if he wants to run the ball." -- Michigan defensive tackle Mike Martin on Thomas.

"No, I've never made one, so why start now?" -- Thomas on his New Year's resolution.