Petersen expected big things from Pettis

Posted by ESPN.com’s Graham Watson

BOISE, Idaho -- Junior receiver Austin Pettis scored the Broncos’ first touchdown of 2009, and it’s fitting considering coach Chris Petersen was raving about Pettis and his leadership during fall camp.

During an interview with ESPN.com last week, Petersen said he was impressed with Pettis last season and he was encouraged for 2009.

“We were so pleased with Austin last year, he just kind of quietly had an excellent, excellent year,” Petersen said. “By the time it was all said and done and you look back at the touchdowns he caught and the big plays he made, and you’re going, ‘Wow, this guy’s a good player.’ And he’s also a leader, not only of the receivers, but of our offensive unit in general. We really need him to pick up where he left off.”