Beamer knows Hokies have to represent

NEW ORLEANS -- Until this game is played, you're going to hear the same thing over and over again -- just how important a Virginia Tech victory over Michigan would be for the ACC.

It's been the theme of the Allstate Sugar Bowl since the minute the Hokies became the ACC's first BCS at-large bowl selection, and it will continue to be unless they can prove their critics wrong with a win. It's become even more significant considering the ACC currently has a 2-4 record in its bowl games this year, and is 2-11 in its BCS bowls. There are only two bowl games remaining for the ACC, and they are the two biggest -- the Sugar Bowl and the Discover Orange Bowl. This is something coach Frank Beamer is well-aware of, and he's not backing down from the facts.

"We haven't won enough games against outside competition," he said of the ACC. "It's just a fact. I think for all of us, when you're competing against other conferences as you are in a bowl game, you want to win. You want to give it your best shot.

"People have questioned whether we should be here, and that's been the key issue by most people when you talk about Virginia Tech and the bowl game," Beamer said. "That's just a fact of life."