Michigan fortunate

NEW ORLEANS -- Michigan is fortunate it's only trailing Virginia Tech 6-0 in the second quarter. Anyone paying attention to this game probably feels like it should be 21-0 Virginia Tech. The Hokies are controlling every aspect of this game except the scoreboard.

On their first possession they were as close as the 4-yard line when David Wilson lost 22 yards. Twice they settled for a field goal, and on the last drive, Michigan came up with a big stop on fourth-and-one -- again from the 4-yard line.

If Virginia Tech winds up losing this game, those opportunities are going to come back to haunt them. If Virginia Tech and Michigan both continue to play the way they have this half, though, there's no reason to continue to doubt the Hokies. They've been solid on third downs, Mike O'Cain's playcalling has been an edge, and Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson has been less than spectacular.