3-point stance: High standard for LSU

1. LSU safety Eric Reid, the defensive hero of the victory over Alabama on Nov. 5, said Wednesday, “We see mistakes that we made in the game that we can (correct and) score more points and also not allow them to score as much as they did.” Mistakes? The Tigers allowed but two field goals in an overtime game. “As a defense you don’t want anybody to ever score on you,” Reid said. “If you go out with that mentality, then you get upset when anybody scores on you.” Championship standards are different, aren’t they?

2. The Pac-12 released its 2012 schedule Wednesday, and welcome to the league, Rich Rodriguez! Among Arizona’s first six opponents are Oklahoma State, Stanford and Oregon, Nos. 3-4-5 in your current rankings. Washington can top that: at No. 1 LSU, Stanford and at Oregon in its first five games. The Cal Bears have consecutive road games in September at Ohio State and at USC. Returning to remodeled Memorial Stadium will feel very good.

3. College football may be more successful and popular than it’s ever been. But the empty seats at the Sugar Bowl on Tuesday night and the vast swatches of unfilled real estate at the Orange Bowl on Wednesday night -- a friend texted me to ask if that was Clemson-West Virginia or a Marlins game -- indicate that the BCS has work to do. If I ran the Orange Bowl, I would suggest that ACC champion move to at-large status in the next BCS contract so that I could pick both sides of my matchup.