Mathieu play doesn't bother Kirkpatrick

Maybe too much was made about Tyrann Mathieu's hit on Dre Kirkpatrick.

At the time, it looked out of line. Dirty, even. But when asked about the play in which it looked like Mathieu clotheslined Alabama's cornerback on a punt, Kirkpatrick said he wasn't bothered by the play. Even though Kirkpatrick suffered a concussion after his head hit the ground, he said he feels no ill will toward Mathieu and doesn't consider him or his play dirty.

"That's just being a football player," Kirkpatrick said of the hit. "He was just being a football player trying to make a play."

Mathieu was flagged for his actions and later apologized to Kirkpatrick via Twitter.

Kirkpatrick said the two haven't spoken since, but people shouldn't read too much into that, either. He doesn't care to bring it up with Mathieu, and probably won't.

Because of the exposure the play has received, Kirkpatrick said it will be running through his mind during Monday's Allstate BCS National Championship Game, but he won't lash out at Mathieu. And he won't look to get any sort of revenge on LSU's cornerback if the two are once again on the field together.

With how quiet Kirkpatrick can be, Mathieu might not hear anything from him.

"If I see him, I might throw my hand up at him," he said. "I'm not a vocal guy like that. I'll see you on the field."