Studrawa thinks LSU can run outside

NEW ORLEANS -- LSU offensive coordinator Greg Studrawa said earlier this week that two things will be vital for the Tigers if they’re going to have more success on offense than they did in the first game against Alabama on Nov. 5.

He said the Tigers need to do a better job with their play-action passing game and also run the ball better between the tackles.

LSU completed just nine passes for 91 yards in the first game and took very few shots down the field. The Tigers did rush for 148 yards, the most the Crimson Tide gave up in an SEC game this season.

Studrawa said the Tigers would do some things differently with top receiver Rueben Randle.

“They took Rueben Randle away from us,” Studrawa said. “We’ve got to move him around and get him open.”

As for running the ball better, Studrawa thinks the Tigers left a lot of yards on the field the first time, especially between the tackles.

“We had a breakdown here and a breakdown there,” Studrawa said. “There would be one guy at a time. We can run the ball on the perimeter. Michael Ford is faster than they are, point blank, so we have to do a better job of setting that up by running it some between the tackles.

“If we do that, they’re going to have a hard time stopping us.”