Boise State will not suspend Hout

Posted by ESPN.com’s Graham Watson

Boise State sophomore defensive end Byron Hout won’t be suspended for the taunting that led to him being sucker-punched by LeGarrette Blount during Thursday’s game between Boise State and Oregon.

Boise State coach Chris Petersen told the media that Hout would be disciplined internally and the two would meet later on Friday.

“We’re not good with it,” Petersen told the Idaho Statesman. “It always takes two to tangle. Those are things we preach about every day around here. We just need to keep our mouths closed … and let our play speak for itself.

“I’m sure [Blount] would give his right arm to take that whole thing back, how it looks. Byron’s mistake wasn’t as extreme as LeGarrette’s, but he was still wrong.”

During the postgame handshakes, Hout tapped Blount on his shoulder pads and said something to him. Petersen attempted to lead Hout off the field when Blount’s fist knocked Hout to the ground. Petersen said he didn’t know what Hout said.

Despite the punch, Hout was fine and Boise police do not intend to pursue criminal action against Blount.

“Why would you say anything?” Petersen said he asked Hout. “We just played a great big game on defense. It was a hard-fought, physical battle. I’d hope that we’d be above those types of things.”