Those trying to cash in on Paterno thwarted

It looks like those trying to cash in on Thursday's public Joe Paterno memorial service -- tickets were distributed by Penn State on Tuesday morning -- are getting crushed by Internet users.

A few sets of tickets popped up on eBay and craigslist not long after they were distributed, but the postings were either removed by the original poster or flagged for removal.

One set of tickets slowly escalated from a $0.99 initial bid to $500 before bids moved into the ridiculous range of $10,000 and $90,000 -- eBay users’ way of protesting the sale to the seller. At least two other auctions were put up by different sellers and then removed.

At least two craigslist ads were removed by early Tuesday afternoon, though a handful of people have posted “wanted” listings for tickets.

In the case of the first set of tickets on eBay that drew the $90,000 bid, the seller amended the posting with this message: “To those opposing this auction: no one is forcing you to buy tickets; it is a choice. And yes, there are much worse ways to make a dollar, judge not lest ye be judged. You do not know my situation. Thank-you.”

Penn State and eBay have an agreement that no free tickets can be auctioned. Penn State officials are urging those who see such sales to report them to eBay.