Schiano departure caught many off guard

Now to one of the big questions confronting Rutgers: What happens to its star-studded recruiting class?

Greg Schiano's stunning departure caught recruits off guard. Dave Hooker of ESPN's Recruiting Nation has more:

With six days before national signing day, Rutgers suddenly finds itself in an incredible time crush to secure its 2012 class.

Who will be Rutgers' next coach, but perhaps almost as importantly, how many assistants will stay at the school? Even with a new head coach, those relationships could still pay dividends in recruiting.

If Rutgers decides to go elsewhere to hire a coach, those assistants may be gone. An in-house hiring could ease the transition a bit, but it will be a challenge no matter what.

Time is definitely not on Rutgers' side with national signing day just six days away.

You can read the rest of the report here, in which Hooker talks to Rutgers commitments to get their thoughts on the news.