3-point stance: Fixing the BCS

1.Now that recruiting season is over, college football's version of pre-spring-ball Hot Stove League returns to a discussion of how to fix the BCS. The Chicago Tribune reported Monday that the Big Ten is kicking around an idea of playing semifinal games on the home campuses of the higher seeds rather than as part of the bowl system. That solves the issue of fans traveling to more than one postseason game. But can you remove the top-four teams from the bowls and “protect” the bowls? I’m not sure how.

2.Army will play its spring game at Fort Benning in Georgia. Kudos to the NCAA for allowing West Point an off-campus exemption. And kudos to West Point for promoting football on the base, which has revived the sport. In 1926, Maj. Dwight D. Eisenhower turned down the head-coaching job at Fort Benning and became an assistant. He wanted to be known as an officer, not a coach. After the season, a colonel assessed Eisenhower as an “above average” officer and a “superior” coach. Eisenhower decided not to coach anymore.

3.West Virginia’s buyout of its game against Florida State on Sept. 8 underscores the school’s intent to move to the Big 12 this year, not in 2014, as Big East rules mandate. That’s why the conference and the school are suing each other. The Big East filed suit in Rhode Island, where it’s based; WVU filed in West Virginia; in the law, as in football, home field is important. The buyout signals West Virginia’s determination to throw money at the problem. Can an expensive settlement with the Big East be far behind?