Terps' QB situation remains a question

Maryland has its new offensive coordinator. It has its new defensive coordinator. The recruiting class has been inked.

The Terps are ready to move forward and put their abysmal 2-10 season behind them, but there’s only one piece missing -- the starting quarterback.

Danny O'Brien and C.J. Brown, who were both used last year and sometimes in the same game, will continue to play out their competition this offseason, but O'Brien, who is still recovering from a broken left arm, will be limited this spring.

First-year offensive coordinator Mike Locksley said on Wednesday he is giving both quarterbacks a chance to start over.

“My thing is, and I told both of these guys -- I haven’t watched a lot of tape on either of them from last season or previous seasons because I wanted to have a blank slate when I go in and evaluate,” Locksley said. “Obviously Danny is a very talented quarterback, and I think he’s had some success here in both systems, whether it was two years ago in the West Coast, pro-style stuff, and last year he had some success in the spread system they’re running.

“I’m a guy who really believes in doing what your personnel allows you to do,” Locksley said. “We’ve got some tight ends and fullbacks. If you study our offense, we play under center, we play in the gun. We run power plays, we run lead plays, we spread them out and run zone read, we run zone read option, so a lot of that stuff will be predicated on our quarterback and what they’re capable of executing, as well as who the playmakers are with that personnel.”

There was some speculation this offseason as to whether or not O’Brien would return for the 2012 season or transfer. Locksley said he hasn’t talked to O’Brien about that.

“You hear those rumors,” Locksley said. “To me, I didn’t address it because unless I heard it from him, I wouldn’t address it. Everything I’ve talked to Danny about and C.J. about are things we want to do on offense and how I plan on shaping the offense to fit what they’re capable of executing.”

Locksley said he’d prefer, though, if only one of them were executing it this fall.