Handing out a few Big 12 Valentines

It's that time of year again.

You love it or hate it, but it's here.

Either way, we're celebrating on the Big 12 Blog today. To do so, it's time to hand out a few Valentines and spread some love to folks who could use a little of it.

Dear ...

Kansas coach Charlie Weis,

Sure, people lambasted you as the worst hire of the coaching season, but Kansas is a different place with different challenges than Notre Dame. Most importantly, it's a place with much different expectations. But however this turns out, it's going to be fun, and people will be paying attention. That's more than KU could say about the Turner Gill era.

Oklahoma quarterback Landry Jones,

It's too bad too many Sooners fans focus on a handful of ugly moments in big spots. Following up Sam Bradford couldn't be easy. Perhaps some don't remember the 12,000-plus passing yards and 94 touchdowns in less than three full seasons. They should, though.

Texas A&M's locker room,

You've been blamed for so much these past few months. Who knows the horrors you've seen? Even still, we know the Aggies' disappointing 2011 that benefited about everyone else in the Big 12 wasn't all your fault.

Missouri's field,

Missouri's gone, but you were the gift that kept on giving. I'm no turf expert, but a handful of coaches and players told me after the season you were "not suitable" for playing. You'd probably disagree. Debate it if you must. What's not debatable? Texas' Fozzy Whittaker and Texas Tech's DeAndre Washington have a rough road still ahead rehabilitating their knees.

TCU and West Virginia,

For now, the Big 12 loves you. TCU's old wounds with Southwest Conference enemies Texas Tech and Baylor will be reignited pretty quickly. West Virginia's a good team and a good program, and those rivalries will be fostered in the Mountaineers' new league. Enjoy the honeymoon, kids.

Texas coach Mack Brown,

All those mean people wouldn't stop telling you you were retiring or being forced out! No, I don't know why they kept saying it, either. Either way, if that's your biggest problem, you're in a good spot. Chin up. We can't all make $5 million a year until 2020.

Texas Tech's trainers,

You all had a busy year. Racking up 24 long-term injuries during the season? That's a lot of carting guys off the field. I hope you enjoyed your time off. Spring practice starts Friday. Of course, 15 players will be out this spring, so that's fewer players who could get hurt.