Davonte Neal a no-show at announcement

National signing day was 20 days ago, but the recruiting drama has yet to die down.

Five-star athlete Davonte Neal (Scottsdale, Ariz./Chaparral), the last unsigned member of the ESPNU 150 (No. 8 overall), did not show up Tuesday to his former elementary school, Kyrene de la Esperanza, where he was expected to choose among Notre Dame, North Carolina, Arizona and Arkansas.

After waiting approximately 30 minutes, the assembly ended and the 600 elementary school children were sent back to class and the rest of the crowd dispersed.

It is unknown when he will make his decision now.

Neal is the top-rated athlete in the nation, meaning he can play multiple positions at the next level. In Neal's case, he could play as a cornerback or wide receiver, as well as a return specialist.

I'll have to go with Pac-12 blogger Ted Miller on this one -- Neal should decide on a school, then send a letter of intent there. And that's that.

He's the one who has earned the free ride and will have to live with his decision. And, if he wants to have some fun and enjoy the attention from his community, good for him. But a head's-up to the hundreds there who re-arranged their mornings for him would have been proper courtesy.