3-point stance: Edsall should stop digging

1.The 14 months that Randy Edsall has spent at Maryland makes Rich Rodriguez’s three years at Michigan look like a storybook career. To recap, Edsall took over a 9-4 team and went 2-10. And when quarterback Danny O'Brien decided he wanted to transfer, Edsall managed to take a stand that made himself look not only mean but anti-education. Rodriguez, as John U. Bacon depicted so well in his book "Three and Out," dug himself into a hole and couldn’t climb out in time. Edsall needs to stop digging.

2.Maybe Miami has so much agony from its NCAA troubles that it won't notice. The ACC schedule released Monday has the Hurricanes on the road to Boston College, Kansas State, Georgia Tech and Notre Dame (at Soldier Field in Chicago) in the first six weeks. As for the league schedule overall, the website trumpets that ACC teams play 10 games against teams in the ESPN.com Way Too Early Top 25. The website doesn’t mention the 14 games against FCS opponents.

3.For 14 years, the powers that be in college football have been telling us that the BCS is the best way to decide a champion. They have dismissed any talk of a playoff. And in the matter of weeks, one after another, the most ardent playoff foes all have executed a complete reversal. Just like that, they are now searching for the best way to install a four-team playoff. What none of them have said is why they changed their minds. Is it falling ratings? Empty bowl seats? Fan unhappiness? Fatigue from defending the BCS?