3-point stance: Tiger Stadium expanding

1. LSU fans still may be moping about the BCS Championship Game loss to Alabama. But the university’s decision to expand Tiger Stadium by nearly 7,000 seats is an indication of how successful the Tigers are. As the Baton Rouge Advocate reported, capacity at Death Valley will be a shade under 100,000. That moves LSU past Georgia and USC into seventh place in stadium size. The rich keep getting richer.

2. It makes sense that Kirk Ferentz, who had the same coordinators for all 13 seasons at Iowa, looked for a veteran assistant to run the offense. Greg Davis sat out of coaching in 2011 after parting ways with Mack Brown, for whom he worked at Texas and North Carolina. Hawkeyes fans accustomed to a potent running game may have to learn to love the quick pass into the flat. When Major Applewhite and Colt McCoy threw it, Davis always said it served the same purpose as a run.

3. If the Big East is so awful, and the Big 12 is so wonderful, how come it cost West Virginia $20 million to leave the former while Texas A&M and Missouri are paying “only” $12.4 million to leave the latter? It may be as simple as the Big East rule that called for West Virginia to remain in the league for two more seasons before it could extract itself. That doesn’t make it any less counterintuitive.