3-point stance: Seven-on-seven summit

1.The summit that USC is hosting Tuesday, which will include Trojans’ head coach Lane Kiffin, Jim Mora of UCLA, Steve Sarkisian of Washington and, by teleconference, Urban Meyer of Ohio State, as well as athletic directors and compliance directors from across the country, is to discuss seven-on-seven camps and how best to handle them. The real topic is how to prevent seven-on-sevens from being to football what AAU competition is to college basketball -- a scourge rife with potential NCAA violations.

2.Speaking of recruiting, this is the first spring that FBS schools are living under the restriction of not being allowed to offer in writing a scholarship to a member of the next recruiting class. Schools now must wait until next fall. The legislation, meant to curtail early recruiting, has done nothing to slow it down. Verbal offers, or verbal promises that offers will arrive next fall, continue to flow forth. I guess a symbolic gesture is better than doing nothing.

3.After more than two decades, the NCAA next fall will increase the number of graduate assistants an FBS school may hire from two to four. But the FBS is debating whether to adopt legislation that will curtail the number of non-coaching personnel a coach may hire. Alabama, for instance, lists in its football staff directory 16 people who aren’t coaches. It’s another version of the same argument over providing student-athletes with the full cost of attendance: can the have-nots keep the haves from spending?