3-point stance: Earlier visits for recruits

1.Add Arizona coach Rich Rodriguez to the advocates of moving official visits back to May of a recruit’s junior year. As of now, by the time recruits take their visits, many of them already have committed. Rodriguez would pare the number of official visits a school may dole out from 56 to 45. But he also would invite the recruit’s parents or guardians to make the trip on the university’s dime.

2.The Big East invited Temple to return several years after tossing it out for not measuring up to the league standards. The Owls raised their game; the conference lowered its game, and all is forgiven. You have to think that Temple’s return means Villanova will never move up from the FCS to the Big East. If Villanova couldn’t find a way to make the numbers work before Temple came to league, what happens now that the Big East will have another Philly team in the fold?

3.Shane Beamer works for his dad at Virginia Tech. Monte Kiffin works for his son at USC. And now Brian Ferentz works for his dad at Iowa. I can think of a couple of reasons why there aren’t a lot of sons coaching for their fathers. One, it’s rare in today’s game that coaches last long enough to have a son become old enough and experienced enough to coach at the FBS level. Two, given how many hours a head coach works, how many spend enough time with their children to infuse them with a love of the game?