Petrino involved in motorcycle accident

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino, who was involved in a motorcycle accident on Sunday night.

According to Arkansas state police, it was a single-vehicle crash that occurred when the motorcycle Petrino was driving left the road. Petrino was taken to a hospital for treatment and kept overnight.

Arkansas officials are working on a statement. The crash occurred about 23 miles southeast of Fayetteville.

In talking to several in and around the Arkansas program, the good news is that it doesn't sound like Petrino's injuries were life-threatening. Still, there's going to be some recovery time involved, although Petrino's the type that he's not going to stay away for too long.

The other thing that helps is that Petrino's younger brother, Paul, is back on the staff as offensive coordinator and knows exactly what Bobby wants. There shouldn't be any confusion there.