3-point stance: Arkansas needs to act soon

1. The fact that Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino still hasn’t been fired by the university he lied to is good news for Petrino and the won-loss record of the 2012 Razorbacks. It's bad news for integrity. No more damning details have emerged since Petrino confessed Thursday to his improper behavior and to lying in order to hide it. If Arkansas doesn’t fire Petrino, it needs to announce the penalty (Fine? Suspension?) soon. Make the story go away. As for Petrino: if Hogs quarterback Tyler Wilson panicked under pressure the way Petrino did, the coach would blister him, which makes me wonder if a softer, chastened Petrino will come out the other side.

2. When I wrote last week about the 16 consensus All-Americans that Nick Saban has coached at LSU and Alabama over the past decade, I said I couldn’t find another coach who had developed as many (I counted players, not seasons; i.e., I didn’t count a two-time All-American twice). Tim Tessalone, the longtime SID at USC, points out that Pete Carroll, in his nine seasons with the Trojans, had 15 players named consensus All-Americans. Duly noted.

3. As we all race to figure out what the new format of college football's postseason will be, Texas A&M athletic director Bill Byrne is unconvinced that the BCS will be abandoned. “Are we sure we’re going to move on?” Byrne asked. “I’ve heard a lot of these comments before.” Byrne is a playoff guy. In the mid-1990s, he stood with a group of athletic directors who pushed for an eight-team, post-bowl format. The plan went nowhere, which is why Byrne remains a skeptic.