3-point stance: Tressel or Petrino?

1. The NCAA slapped a five-year penalty on former Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel last year, and as of Tuesday night, the question arose of who will return to run a team faster -- Tressel or deposed Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino? Tressel at least has nothing preventing an NFL team from returning him to the sideline. Petrino is persona non grata in the BCS and, because of his callous treatment of Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank and general manager Rich McKay, it’s a good bet that no NFL team will rush to hire him, either.

2. Integrity returns? Maybe winning is neither everything nor the only thing. First, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell crushes the New Orleans Saints for their bounty program, and now Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long resists the urge to keep the lying, misleading coach who took the Hogs to a 21-5 record over the past two seasons. The great Bobby Jones assessed himself a one-shot penalty in the 1925 U.S. Open, which he then lost in a playoff. Complimented for his self-assessed penalty, Jones replied, “You may as well congratulate me for not robbing a bank.”

3. The changes at Penn State will unveil themselves in many ways over the months to come. The athletic department announced Wednesday that new coach Bill O’Brien, with other Nittany Lion head coaches, will do 18 alumni meet-and-greets on nine days from Apr. 30 to May 16. Joe Paterno last did this sort of thing in the spring in 2009, when he went to three dinners. Paterno didn’t need to do them. O’Brien does. The alumni want to like him. But they have to meet him first.