Q&A: Georgia Tech B-back David Sims

A year ago, Georgia Tech’s David Sims was converting from quarterback to B-back. After rushing for 698 yards and seven touchdowns last season, the junior from St. Mathews, S.C., is working this spring to improve his production.

We caught up with him Wednesday:

How are things different for you now during spring practice than a year ago?

David Sims: The No. 1 thing: I know what to do now. Last year, I was trying to just learn what to do, to the best of my abilities. I was watching the film from last year against Virginia Tech, and I saw the hesitation, and I saw the false steps. And I think I’m 10 times better than last year. … Now that I know what to do, I can focus on how to do it better, how to get there.

What was the most challenging part of switching from quarterback to B-back a year ago, and what’s easier now?

DS: The biggest thing for me was blocking. I played quarterback … so I never really had to block. And that was something all of us had to learn, and get better at. I’m still trying to get better at my pad level, the speed at which I play. You can never get too good at that. Making sure I make my decisions full speed, whenever I’m cutting or doing anything -- just full speed. You have to trust that the hole is going to be there, make your decision and go.

You’ve described yourself as a 'film addict.' Where does that come from?

DS: Ever since the ninth grade, I’ve always loved watching film. I think learning how to watch film, how to study and get better, gives you the edge over someone who might just rely on their athletic ability. … So after watching all the guys on the practice field, I would come back and watch film of [former Yellow Jackets B-backs] Anthony [Allen] and Jonathan [Dwyer] and the freshmen, and see how they did different things, and try to combine everything that they did well all into one.

What has been the biggest strength of your team’s offense this spring?

DS: I think it’s got to be our A-backs. Last year was a pretty big year for our A-backs, so that kind of made up for the lack of yards from the B-back position. We’ve got a couple of guys like Robert Godhigh and B.J. Bostic who can catch and run the ball, we’ve got backs who can really cut and block. And I think that’s really going to mean a lot. Because we’re losing Roddy [Jones], and we’re losing Embry [Peeples], but we have guys stepping up who are really going to help.

Who or what has surprised you the most this spring?

DS: It probably would be Robert Godhigh. … I knew the kind of player he was, playing with him on scout team. But now that he’s finally getting an opportunity, he’s really making the most of it.

What do you want the team to accomplish in the spring game?

DS: We want to give our fans something to be excited about going into the season; we want to come out healthy. Another thing, we want to come out and make sure that we’re set on our base plays, and the fundamental things that we want to accomplish. If we can come out and do that Friday, that’s a good start to the offseason, and to next season.