3-point stance: Playoff problem? Says who?

1. College football administrators worry that if they adopt a four-team postseason playoff, fans may have trouble coming up with the time and money to travel to a conference championship game, a bowl semifinal and a championship game. Washington athletic director Scott Woodward is not among the concerned. “Man, I’d love to be in that situation, to travel three times,” Woodward said. “At the end of the day, (only) two teams have to do it. It’s a hell of a problem to have. I’d love to have it.”

2. Maryland coach Randy Edsall, like most coaches, is not happy that recruiting now begins with sophomores. To solve that, Edsall suggested that a scholarship offer may be made only by the university financial aid office. That means a prospect will have to have filled out an application. In other words, he would be a senior. “It’s got to slow down,” Edsall said. “There’s too much pressure. Now the parents get involved and they want to be more recruited than the kid. Are we really helping these guys when they are 15 or 16?”

3. Another year, another UCLA quarterback competition that no one wants to win. As Pac-12 blogger Kevin Gemmell wrote Wednesday, veterans Kevin Prince and Richard Brehaut are being pushed by redshirt freshman Brett Hundley. Bruin fans are used to lacking a standout. No UCLA quarterback has thrown for 2,500 yards since Drew Olson did so in 2005. That’s a passing total surpassed by 58 FBS quarterbacks last season alone.