3-point stance: Making BCS progress

1.Big 12 interim commissioner Chuck Neinas remains impressed with the tenor of the meeting in South Florida last week about the postseason. “Those were as intense, focused and serious meetings as I’ve ever been a part of,” Neinas said, “with a healthy respect for those who disagreed.” Neinas wants the BCS to increase emphasis on schedule strength and continue to ignore margin of victory. “Oregon winning by four touchdowns may be the same as Wisconsin or Nebraska winning by two,” Neinas said. “We shouldn’t take style of play into account.”

2.The announcement that the BCS decided on a four-team playoff is the easiest part of the decision. Over the next seven weeks, the leagues must decide when and where they will play the semifinal games -- Bowls? No bowls? -- and how to select the four participating teams. It will test the goodwill that came out of the meetings last week. It will test the schools’ allegiance to the bowls. College football always tries to strike a balance between tradition and revenue. This time, finding that balance couldn’t be more important.

3.The SEC edged the Big Ten in the final count of the 2012 NFL draft, 42-41. However, the SEC won in the first round, 9-4, and the first two rounds, 14-11. That gives both sides the requisite fodder to settle barroom discussions from now until the 2013 draft. Illinois had four players drafted in the first two rounds. And recruiting was a big reason that the Illini plucked Ron Zook out of the fired coaches support group. Zook coached at Illinois as he coached at Florida: great talent failed to translate into enough victories.