Mike McQueary suing Penn State

The trial for former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky on child-sex abuse charges is scheduled for June 5. But if you thought things were going to be quiet on that scandal front until then, guess again.

Ex-Nittany Lions assistant Mike McQueary, whose explosive allegations that he saw Sandusky assaulting a young boy in a shower in the football complex set this story into hyperdrive, now intends to sue the school under whistleblower's statutes.

McQueary's attorney filed a motion in court on Tuesday that notifies Penn State that he intends to sue. The motion contains no details except that he intends to prove he was the person to point out wrongdoing or misconduct within an institution, and that he is entitled to compensation. The former wide receivers coach was placed on administrative leave Nov. 11.

McQueary's original allegations said the shower incident occurred in 2002, but prosecutors have now changed the date on that account to around Feb. 9, 2001. The discrepancy in the details prompted lawyers for Gary Schultz and Tim Curley -- two former school administrators who are charged with perjury -- to call for dismissal of the charges against them. Has McQueary's credibility been damaged by the date discrepancy? That's something that's sure to be pursued by the defense at trial.

And also on Tuesday, a prosecution document related to the case was filed online and mistakenly revealed the name of one of Sandusky's young accusers. Prosecutors are under court order not to release the names of alleged victims. The document was taken offline and later re-posted without the name. But we all know that once something goes online for even a short amount of time, it can get passed around and have a long shelf life.

We're still nearly a month from the scheduled start of the trial. If the past 24 hours are any indication, it's going to be a circus from now until (especially) then.