3-point stance: Banning college football

1. A seven-member majority of ACC schools came one vote shy of adding a $100,000 fine to the heap of penalties that the NCAA announced for North Carolina last month. That did not leave the majority happy. Neither will this: North Carolina announced that it has uncovered widespread academic fraud in its African and Afro-American Studies program, including classes in which a significant number of football and mens’s basketball players enrolled. But ACC commissioner John Swofford said in an email that the league “doesn’t review institutional reports of this kind.”

2. In case you missed it, on Tuesday night authors Buzz Bissinger and Malcolm Gladwell debated author Tim Green and sportswriter Jason Whitlock on whether college football should be banned (Yes, banned). Bissinger and Gladwell “won” the debate, the sponsor said, because surveys taken of the audience indicated more people sided with them afterward than before. The debate took place at NYU, which means, if nothing else, Bissinger/Gladwell understand home field. If they want to impress somebody with the sparkle of their intellects, hold the next debate at Ohio State. Or Texas. Or Alabama….

3. Dozens of football players who can’t crack a lineup at a football power transfer down a rung or two on the FBS ladder so that they can play. A few make lateral moves because of family concerns or scheme changes. But it’s hard to recall a player like Fresno State junior Jalen Saunders, an All-WAC wide receiver who is climbing up the ladder to Oklahoma. Saunders, who didn’t like his role in the spread offense installed by new Bulldogs coach Tim DeRuyter, will be eligible for the Sooners in 2013.