3-point stance: Richt's restructured contract

1.Georgia athletic director Greg McGarity maintains that the restructuring of head coach Mark Richt's contract is a matter of philosophy. Richt no longer must pay a buyout to leave. And if the school wants to buy him out, the payments dwindle rapidly over the life of the new deal. It seems fair, and business-like. Maybe the lack of emotion -- the oh-my-god-we’ve-got-to-keep-him factor -- is why Georgia and Richt, in their 12th year together, still sound like a couple of empty nesters deciding whether to stay married.

2.Let’s all forget my recent prediction that Florida State and Clemson would leave the ACC for the Big 12. Not just because the Big 12 has said it wants to stay at 10 members. From what I’m hearing, recruits in SEC and ACC country have made it clear that they aren’t interested in playing in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, etc. Did you notice the news release last week about Tigers coach Dabo Swinney's new contract? Both he and the chair of the Board of Trustees mention succeeding in the ACC for years to come.

3.Speaking of which, one thing to remember about Swinney’s new contract, which will pay him $1.965 million per year (before incentives) through 2017. His previous contract had an incentive clause for winning the ACC that called for Swinney to make more than $2.2 million per year. However, Swinney directed the university to carve out $274,000 annually of what he should receive and put that money in the pot for his assistants. That’s why Swinney is able to attract top assistant coaches. They know he’s got their back.