3-point stance: Playoff progress

1. The BCS meetings in Chicago came and went without a resolution, but it’s not as if these guys came down with a bad case of Congressional flu. The FBS commissioners and Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick are making progress. They are working together. They are taking pains to get the biggest decision of their professional careers right. If you remember the hiccups in the early years of the BCS, you know getting this right is no sure thing. But I come away from Wednesday with confidence, not fear.

2. Good news for the UCLA Bruins, who have defined mediocrity for the past decade (64 wins, 63 losses): the U.S. Open begins today at Olympic Country Club in San Francisco. In the previous four years in which Olympic held the Open, UCLA finished in the top 10: 1955 (4th, 9-2); 1966 (5th, 9-1); 1987 (9th, 10-2) and 1998 (8th, 10-2). The Bruins haven’t won the Pac-12 since.

3. Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy knows that naming freshman quarterback Wes Lunt the starter is a risk. He says flat-out that the Cowboys’ identity this season will be determined by Lunt’s progress. But, Gundy added, that’s no excuse. “I told the team last Friday morning,” Gundy said, “that if they’re expecting us to be just average because we have just a freshman quarterback, then they don’t need to play. Somebody else will play. Because that’s not what I expect.”