College coaches with NFL potential

ESPN analyst Brock Huard has a lengthy piece today on Oregon coach Chip Kelly and his potential adaptability to an NFL head-coaching job. As you know, Kelly drew interest from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this offseason before former Rutgers coach Greg Schiano took the job.

Former Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh's immediate success with the San Francisco 49ers this past season, Huard suggests, has NFL teams searching for the next Harbaugh. While Chip Kelly is the basis of the story, Huard suggests Brian Kelly, along with three other college coaches, as someone who could handle the transition to the next levelInsider.

(As Huard notes, Brian Kelly is by no means looking for an NFL job. So you all can relax.)

You'll need Insider to read the full piece, but Huard cites the same four factors with both Kellys in thinking they could be good NFL fits: grind, adaptability, tunnel vision and the "it" factor. Kelly is, as Huard calls him, "a self-made football junkie," having success across all levels of football.