Delany: New system needs public support

CHICAGO -- When Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany met with the league's football coaches to discuss the inevitable shift in the postseason model, the conversation went like this.

Coaches: Commissioner, why are we doing this?

Delany: We're doing it because I think it's the next evolutionary step. There are people who'd like to see it happen.

Coaches: But we're not asking for it.

Delany: Yeah, but you didn't defend and support the other system.

Delany rehashed the exchange Wednesday before the latest meeting of BCS power brokers. As the BCS system enters its final stages, Delany called for those around the sport to rally around the new postseason model.

"Any system only can last so long without support," Delany said, "and there's just constant criticism [of the BCS]. My hope would be wherever we end up, the outcomes have more public acceptance. Part of that is our responsibility to come up with a system that's a little more transparent, a little more rational, a little more clear."

Delany knows the controversy and criticism won't go away, but he expects any new system to be an "improvement on what we had."

"I'm not suggesting people can't criticize," he said. "I'm just saying the level, the drumbeat of criticism, was so significant over time that it forced the change."