Can the commissioners have it all?

A camel's nose traps moisture from its lungs and recycles it through the body, which is one way that camels survive in the desert. They also manage to breathe through their nostrils without inhaling sand. Wondrous organs, those camel noses.

Until they wedge under a tent flap.

Now that the FBS commissioners have agreed to recommend a four-team, seeded playoff to the committee of university presidents who will meet next week, the vigil must begin. For years, the presidents and BCS proponents have told us that it is a law of nature that playoffs expand, that four teams will become eight; eight will become 16. If you think this is a good idea, you haven't paid attention to the state of the college basketball postseason, which is, of course, the very problem with the health of the college basketball regular season.

The camel's nose has arrived, and what an exciting nose it is. In a shade under six months, the FBS commissioners abandoned their rigid stance against a playoff and came to a consensus that what college football needs is a four-team, seeded playoff. It is a remarkable turn of events and a remarkable event in the history of a game that has been played successfully for 143 seasons without a playoff.

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