Swarbrick: Notre Dame near new TV deal

With a new postseason on the way — and with Notre Dame's place in it secure — it is onto other matters for Jack Swarbrick.

For the Irish athletic director, that means a new television deal, a decision that could be coming within the next 30 days.

Swarbrick told the Chicago Tribune's Brian Hamilton that the school will soon decide on whether to extend its contract with NBC. The alternative? Wait until the end of the current deal — which expires in 2015 — creeps closer.

"We've had a series of meetings, we've exchanged information, and I think we will have a decision to make probably within the next 30 days about all of that," Swarbrick said in a phone interview Wednesday. "That's probably the range we're in...Don't hold me to 30 (days), but it's in that window."

The decision, Swarbrick said, is more about when to strike a new deal with NBC, not to leave NBC for another option.

Swarbrick said it is not his "first choice" to make a more than decade-long deal, much like other conferences have currently done with their television partners. But he is prepared to if need be.

"At a fundamental level, it's a decision about is this the right time to do it, or do we wait until the end of the contract?" Swarbrick said. "It's solely based on a market analysis.

"The world of college sports broadcasting rights has been so hard to predict and has moved so quickly, it's just one of the things you ask yourself when you're entering into a more than a decade-long deal. Do we think we're catching this at the right time? We have the luxury of not having to do it right now, so would we wait?"