Vote: Playoff impact on the Big East

It's Thursday, so that must mean it's time for your weekly poll.

Today I ask: What type of impact does a four-team playoff have on the Big East?

Hopefully, you have read my two takes on the subject. If not, here is a refresher. I think there is a good news and bad news where the Big East is concerned. A four-team playoff obviously makes way for two more teams to have a shot at the national championship. But the potential bad news is that, when it takes effect in 2014, the system could end up favoring the conferences with higher national profiles, the way it does now.

Big East officials and coaches have downplayed that aspect in various interviews over the past several days. USF coach Skip Holtz calls the four-team playoff, by way of a selection committee, a true "play-in" system. That might end up being true, but there are plenty of unknowns about how the selection committee is going to be set up, who is going to be on it, and how they are going to weigh everything from win-loss record to strength of schedule, to quality wins to conference championships.

"At the end of the day, while they'll take into consideration strength of schedule, they'll look at performance on the field, and take all the noise out of the evaluation of a team's performance," interim Big East commissioner Joe Bailey said. "That, I suspect, will ultimately be the way they operate. The other good thing about a committee -- they're concentrating on the teams and they're doing it over a long period of time over the course of a season. It's not as if there's some sort of randomness about it. They will see all the teams. So we think for a variety of reasons such as those, it will be a much more focused, concerted effort on the evaluation of teams and team performance. That's very good."

So we are left to guess and debate until the playoff comes to college football in 2014. Where do you stand? Cast your vote and leave your comments below or in the mailbag.