3-point stance: PSU sanctions aftermath

1.The Big Ten Conference will withhold Penn State’s share of bowl proceeds as part of its penalties against the university. Those monies will be contributed toward the university’s efforts in combatting child abuse but they do not count against the $60 million fine that Penn State must pay the NCAA for the same purpose. Where will the bulk of that money come from? The university’s proceeds from the Big Ten Network. So the league withholds with one hand but pays with the other.

2.How long will it take Penn State to recover from the loss of 40 scholarships and no bowls over four years? It will be Feb. 2017 before Penn State can sign another full class of freshmen. It then will take Penn State a minimum of two seasons just to return to 85 scholarships, if they have no attrition. And then you have to give those young players who get the roster count back to 85 a chance to mature. Pencil in Penn State as a Big Ten contender in … 2020? 2022? A four-year penalty is, in real terms, closer to 10 years.

3.Nittany Lion athletic director Dave Joyner said that when he informed head coach Bill O’Brien of the severity of the sanctions Sunday night, O’Brien did not flinch and recommitted himself to getting Penn State through what will be a very dark four years. That is an admirable attitude. Whether Penn State and its fans will commit to O’Brien through the dark times is a different question. They say the right things now. But four years of forced mediocrity and lower revenue will test any university-coach relationship.