Pac-12 coach was off on David Shaw

It takes a big man to admit when you're wrong -- even if you do it anonymously. And that was the case with one Pac-12 coach who said he was 180-degrees off on Stanford head coach David Shaw.

Athlon Sports did an anonymous survey of Pac-12 coaches talking about each other's teams. It's not exactly "Real Housewives" cattiness. There are actually some really interesting and thought-provoking takes. Anonymity usually provides a good opportunity for honesty.

Here's an excerpt of what one coach had to say about Shaw.

I have to admit I was wrong about David Shaw. I thought with him replacing Jim Harbaugh, the Cardinal would lose their toughness and personality and would flounder last season. Even with Andrew Luck at quarterback, I just didn’t think they could be as good as they were with Harbaugh. Well, I’m officially an idiot. Shaw did a tremendous job leading Stanford to an 11-win season and it should have been 12. There’s no way they should have lost to Oklahoma State in the Fiesta Bowl. This year, though, I’m afraid Stanford will take a little dip. Of course, it’s got nothing to do with Shaw, but having to replace Andrew Luck will not be easy.

Not exactly going out on a limb predicting some drop-off for the Cardinal in 2012. I think most people are thinking between eight and nine wins and a decent bowl game for Stanford. As with any bell curve, you have the folks who think Stanford is bound for a third-straight BCS bowl game and those who think being bowl eligibility will be a struggle.

Who knows? Maybe they run the table. Shaw has proved at least one person wrong before ...