Terps move on without C.J. Brown

Randy Edsall's Expectations For Maryland (1:48)

Maryland coach Randy Edsall talks to College Football Live about QB C.J. Brown's injury and his expectations for 2012. (1:48)

Maryland coach Randy Edsall said on Thursday that he is pleased with the progress of his three eligible quarterbacks following the news that starter C.J. Brown will be out for the rest of the season with a torn right ACL.

True freshman Perry Hills is expected to be the starter in the season opener against William & Mary, and true freshman Caleb Rowe is the backup.

While there are obviously things the young players need to improve upon, Edsall said a main focus right now is helping the players learn how to manage the game and make use of the teammates around them.

“Again, I think the biggest thing is you have to take a look first and foremost who can control the huddle," Edsall said, according to the team's practice report. "Can they get to the line of scrimmage and there’s no delay of games, and getting everybody lined up and doing all those things. Then it’s up to a lot of the other people around him. If he can do that and get the play called and know what the checks are and all those sorts of things, then it’s up to the offensive line if we go pass play that they’ve got to protect him, receivers have to get open, and he has to throw it on time.

"But I’ve been pleased with what I’ve seen. I’ve been pleased with what I’ve seen out of Caleb [Rowe], too. We’re going to be fine there, it’s just that we’ve got to keep getting them as many reps as we can, and then again, doing the things we know they can do. But they’ve absorbed a lot in a short period of time in 12 days, and I’m pleased with where they’re at right now.”

Edsall said he and Brown have spoken with Brown's father about the possibility of applying for a sixth year of eligibility.

"When we sat down, his dad brought that up and I said, ‘That’s something that’s going through my mind’ and I knew that he played [briefly in 2010]," Edsall said. "So what we’ve got to do is we just have to go and check to see exactly what the rules are. Again, usually you have to miss two full years due to injury, and he only played a few handfuls of plays [in 2010] so I would think that that would probably count. But that’s something we’ll work with our compliance people on and continue to research. Because I don’t think you can apply for that until after that eligibility, that fifth year is done. But that is something that’s in our plans and we’ve talked about.”

Maryland is also dealing with safety Matt Robinson's shoulder injury, which will keep him out for three weeks, according to Edsall.

“He’ll be in a sling for a week, then he’ll rehab for two weeks, and we’ll see where he is at that point in time," Edsall said. "It’s going to be a minimum of three weeks before he’ll get out and start doing anything more from a football-related standpoint.”

Edsall said at this point, Robinson's injury to the labrum does not need surgery.