3-point stance: A higher nerd quotient

1. Stanford redshirt sophomore Brett Nottingham went into spring practice as the favorite to replace Andrew Luck because of his physical skills. But what made Luck great -- what makes any quarterback great in a pro-style offense like the one Stanford runs -- was his nerd quotient. It’s simple: make the right decisions. Be precise. Execute. Luck majored in architectural design. Huge arm. Huge nerd. Josh Nunes is a redshirt junior. He’s got the physical skills. He has an extra year in the system. And he’s an engineer.

2. Texas Tech coach Tommy Tuberville believes the new sensitivity to head injuries in football will render obsolete the current methods of game preparation. “It is really going to change the course of football and how it is played and how you practice it,” Tuberville said. Protocols are so strict, he said, that “You’re going to see a lot of guys miss games, more than you ever have.” One other thing: “Get ready,” said Tuberville, a long-time defensive coach. “You’re going to have a lot more touchdowns.”

3. Wisconsin is the landslide pick to win the Big Ten Leaders for the obvious reason that Ohio State and Penn State are ineligible. I get that, and no offense to Purdue or Illinois. But I didn’t rank the Badgers in the ESPN Power Rankings, where they are No. 15. I hesitate to get behind Wisconsin until my questions are answered. With six new assistant coaches, only six senior starters, Maryland transfer Danny O'Brien at quarterback, and tailback Montee Ball's concussion, there’s a lot to wait and see.