3-point stance: Learning a snap for Jones

1. Outland Trophy winner Barrett Jones of Alabama is moving from left tackle to center. A fifth-year senior who played two seasons at right guard, Jones is mastering a skill unique to the position he has never played. “The only times I really mess it up now,” Jones said, “is when I’m trying to change a call right at the end, or something is happening right as the ball is being snapped. They’re blitzing on something, and my mind wanders for just a split second. For me, it’s low. I just don’t put enough on it. I don’t follow through. I just gotta focus on snapping it first before I block one of those guys.”

2. When Texas co-offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin said Monday that David Ash and Case McCoy both would play quarterback, it sounded as if the Longhorns didn’t have a starter. Head coach Mack Brown cleared that up Wednesday, naming Ash the starter. Brown said both would play, even as Ash moved ahead of McCoy at the end of last season and stayed there. As sensitive to public perception and player confidence as Brown is, I’ll go ahead and ask: if McCoy weren’t the brother of one of the most beloved Longhorns ever, would this still be a competition?

3. A North Carolina judge’s decision ordering former Tar Heel head coach Butch Davis to surrender the bills of his private cell phone to the university will make the stomach of every coach in America flip. Private cell phones are how coaches skirt the NCAA Manual. If North Carolina finds something like calls to recruits during dead periods, the school will be in more trouble. Let’s hope Davis didn’t keep his cell phone records private for any reason other than protecting privacy.