3-point stance: Oversigning not everything

1. The response to my story posted Thursday about how the SEC wins championships because of the depth of its best teams reminded me that non-SEC fans believe the league thrives on oversigning. They blame oversigning for everything short of global warming. Oversigning supposedly violates the intent of the NCAA Manual. Intent? Please. Coaches read rules to learn what they can do without stepping over the line. The SEC redrew the line; oversigning is done. But it never was the answer. Alabama oversigned and won, but Ole Miss oversigned and cratered.

2. BYU quarterback Riley Nelson transferred to BYU in 2009 after one year at Utah State and two years on an LDS mission to Barcelona, Spain. He may not be a father figure, but as a seventh-year senior, he’s an older brother figure to his freshman teammates. He remembers what it’s like to adjust to the rules that govern BYU, run by the LDS. He tells “the young guys” as he calls them, “With the off-field stuff, you agreed to come to somewhere different. You knew what you were getting into, so just be smart.”

3. ACC blogger Heather Dinich wrote Wednesday that Florida State hasn’t had a 1,000-yard rusher since Warrick Dunn in 1996; NC State, not since T.A. McClendon in 2002. The Seminoles are so deep at tailback that they may not have a 1,000-yarder this year. The carries may get spread. But the Wolfpack? It’s time. Head coach Tom O’Brien has the nation’s most experienced offensive line and a senior tailback, James Washington, who rushed for 897 yards in 2011. He’ll break the drought.