Player of the week: SEC

Offensive players seem to dominate the player of the week headlines.

Not this week.

Georgia linebacker Jarvis Jones played like a man on a mission during the Bulldogs' 41-20 win over Missouri Saturday. It was a game that received mounds and mounds of hype because of Mizzou's first field introduction to the SEC. Some of the Tigers talked a lot about how teams would have to adjust to their spread offense, but Jones made sure the Tigers tried to adjust to him.

He did absolutely everything for Georgia. He dropped into coverage to take the underneath route away from Mizzou quarterback James Franklin. He was patient in the run game to not only contain runs off the edge but dart through gaps that opened up in the middle when a back attempted to come through.

And he terrorized the Tigers' backfield when asked. At last count, the league's top pass-rusher registered nine tackles, two sacks, generated five quarterback hurries, forced a fumble and grabbed an interception, which he returned 21 yards. Both of the turnovers he forced set up scores for the Bulldogs, including his interception, which led to a Todd Gurley rushing touchdown that essentially put the game away by giving the Bulldogs a 34-20 lead early in the fourth quarter.

The scary thing is that Jones still hasn't really reached his full potential, and such a big game, he played one of his best at Georgia.