3-point stance: UCLA's Mora having 'fun'

1. No. 22 UCLA's coach, Jim L. Mora, a 25-year NFL veteran, on making the switch to the college game: “Kids at this age have got this amazing enthusiasm for the game. They don't take anything for granted," said Mora, 51. "It's a lot of fun. It’s fun to be with them in the locker room when they are listening to music, and dancing around, and pounding on each other. It's fun to watch them run out of the tunnel holding hands because they feel a sincere appreciation for one another. You don't necessarily see that at the next level. It's a blast. It's awesome. I'm having so much fun I can't even stand it."

2. Both Texas Tech head coach Tommy Tuberville and free safety Cody Davis chalked up the Red Raiders' defensive improvement to confidence. Texas Tech, which gave up 39 points per game last season, has allowed only one touchdown in two games. That said, Tuberville makes sure confidence doesn't turn into overconfidence. "When you're winning, that’s when you want to be (as) negative as you can in terms of teaching, and film, showing all the little things to get better."

3. Dabo Swinney played wide receiver at Alabama and coached the position both at his alma mater and at Clemson. Now that he’s the Tigers' head coach, he may be a little sensitive to seeing that his receivers are happy. "We keep a touch chart on the sideline,” Swinney said this week. "It's something I pay close attention to by quarter. From time to time, I'll make sure I tell somebody to make sure so-and-so gets some touches. It’s usually not an issue. It’s usually in the forefront of all of our thoughts."